Victorians more likely to switch gas suppliers

Figures have shown Victorian consumers are more likely to switch - or churn - gas suppliers compared to those in New South Wales and Queensland.

Churn is the industry term used to describe the act of a customer changing energy retailers.

A report by energy supplier Origin has shown that 30 per cent of consumers in Victoria churned in the six months leading to December 2010.

The rate was almost the same for those who switch electricity suppliers - 29 per cent.

Queenslanders were far less likely to churn, with 11 per cent changing gas companies.

However, when it comes to electricity, the rate of 26 per cent is closer to that of Victoria.

New South Wales saw nine per cent of customers make the switch for gas and a further 15 per cent for electricity.

The numbers were relatively stable compared to the previous six month period, with fluctuations between one and four per cent.

Overall the market saw a rise of 0.8 per cent of gas consumers making a change of energy suppliers, with Origin attributing the behaviour to tariff increases driving up competition across states - with an overall electricity churn hike of 1.5 per cent.