Victorian water plans may affect household utility bills

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For Victorians struggling to balance their utility bills each month, the state government's plans for water supply and consumption may provide an opportunity to take more control of expenditure.

Considerations like gas prices and other energy costs can impact any household budget.

However, water minister Peter Walsh said today (April 23) that Melbourne's water development strategy will give water consumers greater control over their bills by allowing households a greater choice of tariffs.

The project also aims to increase investment in wastewater re-use, cut red tape to increase the use of alternative water sources and introduce other reforms to the public water industry.

"These reforms will drive generational change in the way Melbourne uses rainwater, stormwater and recycled water and provide Victoria’s next major water augmentation," Mr Walsh explained.

He said that the drought period had created dustbowls out of many urban parks, gardens and sports fields and that a greater atmosphere of competition and innovation was necessary to maintain the best interests of the community.

"We now have a substantial reform process ahead of us to overhaul the urban water system and place a greater focus on local solutions instead of costly, large-scale infrastructure such as desalination," he asserted.

Posted by Callum Fleming