Victorian premier unveils $810m power station

An $810 million Origin power station has been opened in Mortlake by Victorian premier Ted Baillieu.

The state's largest gas peaking plant was opened on Wednesday (December 5), with Mr Baillieu saying that the plant will provide a better service for Victorian consumers.

He commented: "This plant means more certainty and reliability for Victorian families when demand peaks – especially in the summer time.

"The development of this gas-powered plant, which has been in the making for four years and employed more than 350 people during construction, is hugely beneficial because it again adds to the diversified energy mix in Victoria, and will help meet our future energy needs."

The energy minister, Michael O'Brien, said that this plant was designed to meet peak demand at a moment's notice - which is good news coming into summer.

With the ability to produce 550 megawatts very quickly, it gives consumers the confidence to move forward with their energy usage over the next few months, he added.

In addition to shoring up supply, the government is doing what it can to reduce electricity prices, which is a national issue that will be addressed when the premiers meet with the prime minister today (December 7).

Posted by Charlie Moore