Victoria must invest in a sustainable future, new report claims

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Victoria must make the most of its renewable energy resources in order to fight climate change and ensure a sustainable future, a new report from the Climate Commission claims.

The Critical Decade: Victorian climate impacts and opportunities, released today (July 23), argues that recent heat waves, droughts and bushfires have all likely been brought on by the changing Victorian climate.

According to the report, investment in renewable and sustainable energy is the best way to reduce the impact of climate change in the future whilst also providing health and economic benefits to Victorian families.

"Victoria has substantial renewable energy resources. Victoria receives enough energy from the sun to produce double the state’s current energy needs, and parts of Victoria have some of the best conditions in the world to harness wind energy," reads the report.

"Around the world, investment in renewable energy is growing strongly and costs are rapidly coming down. For instance, in some countries the cost of solar electricity is now competitive with retail electricity prices."

Improving the environmental performance of buildings through energy efficient lighting and heating is another good way of fighting climate change, the Commission says.

Posted by Charlie Moore