VIC: tests confirm smart meter vandalism

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Smart meter use in Australian homes and businesses for the control of electricity supply has been continuing in Victoria since Jemena launched the initiative in 2009.

As would be the case with most electricity suppliers, the energy giant - in partnership with the Victorian government - has reinforced to consumers that the devices are safe and are being safely installed.

A spate of smart meter failures beginning in December 2011 seemed to challenge the trustworthiness of the supply of energy from Jemena's network, however, initial suspicions of tampering have now been confirmed.

The results of independent chemical testing carried out on behalf of Jemena were announced today (March 22) and show that smart meters in certain areas have been sabotaged.

Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Hadfield and Preston all experienced meter failures caused by deliberate vandalism and the test results are now in the hands of local police to further their criminal behaviour investigation.

Paul Adams, managing director of Jemena, has urged the person or persons responsible for the recent tampering to stop, and reminded the public - and especially the perpetrators - that electrical equipment can be dangerous when interfered with.

Posted by Charlie Moore