Vic residents offered greater electricity pricing plan choices

Victorian homeowners may be pleased to hear that there is going to be a greater choice of energy plans available to households in the state next year.

State energy and resources minister Michael O’Brien announced today (September 26) that from the middle of 2013 there would be more flexible electricity pricing plan options.

A key reason for this change is to help residents reduce their household energy bills, the minister said.

"Where it suits households or small businesses' energy use patterns, they will be able to consider a pricing plan that can save them money," Mr O'Brien said.

He added that customers will now have the choice to change onto a flexible pricing plan if they want to, or stay on their current electricity plan.

"Alternatively, they might decide to shift the times they use some of their appliances or equipment to reduce their energy bill," Mr O'Brien said.

An advantage of the flexible pricing plans is that it gives households the opportunity to make the most of plans based on off-peak rates.

Most residents pay a flat rate for the electricity they consume and many households do not have access to off-peak rates at the moment, Mr O'Brien added.

This news may provide a timely reminder for households to look into the range of pricing plans their current electricity supplier offers.