VIC gov't advises closure of CSG draft framework

This Thursday (February 28) will be the closing date for public submissions from Victorians on a draft known as the National Harmonised Regulatory Framework.

The document refers to coal seam gas (CSG) and considers the leading approaches to regulating the industry - including water management, design and integrity, hydraulic fracturing and chemical use.

State energy minister Michael O'Brien is urging all interested parties, groups, businesses and local government bodies to have their say on the proposals.

He explained: "The draft framework makes the important point that governments play a crucial role in delivering regulation that is effective in managing coal seam gas activities and efficient in maximising the benefits to the community.

"The framework aims to provide greater levels of consistency, certainty and transparency in the development of the coal seam gas industry throughout Australia."

Halfway through 2012, the Baillieu government announced regulatory changes to how the government handles coal seam gas, to provide certainty for families.

It is well known that Victoria has a number of energy resources, although it is not known about the viability of gas extraction.

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Callum Fleming