VIC aims to ensure electricity supply security

Residents of Melbourne's inner east and CBD could experience a more reliable service from their electricity supplier, thanks to recent action taken by the Victorian government.

It has taken steps to promote the security of the electricity supply by approving the upgrade of the Brunswick Terminal Station.

Minister for energy and resources Michael O'Brien welcomed the move, saying that the government had taken the necessary measures to make sure the lights stay on in and around Melbourne.

He continued: "The government is committed to a safe and reliable power supply for

"We will act to ensure that Victorians can benefit from necessary upgrades to electricity supply infrastructure."

Mr O'Brien indicated that had these upgrades not taken place, it is highly likely that people living in the surrounding regions would suffer outages at peak times from 2015.

Initial estimates suggest that the upgrade will come at a cost of $271 million.

"These extra costs would have been passed on to energy users in the form of higher electricity bills," Mr O'Brien added.

A report in the Australian recently revealed that proposals had been put forward to prevent electricity companies disconnecting customers with unpaid bills of less than $300.

Posted by Charlie Moore