Utilising interior redecoration to reduce energy bills

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Recent comments by an interior designer have shed light on the ability for eco-friendly choices to reduce electricity prices.

Victoria Lee, client relationship manager as Light IQ says: "Becoming a green homeowner is an excellent justification for an interior redesign of your home.

"The initial outlay of installing energy efficient light fittings can quickly be recouped in cheaper energy bills, no lamp replacement and zero maintenance," she asserts.

Lee believes that it is important to plan for the long-term and to carefully consider the options available when making changes to a home's interior.

Retrofits can be extended to other areas - such as heating and insulation - which will allow households to be less reliant on gas heaters to stay comfortable.

By implementing measures that keep heat contained within the home in colder months, consumers may see a reduced impact of gas prices on their household energy bill.

Consumers can also investigate their options when it comes to electricity and gas suppliers - an impartial third party may be able to find them a cheaper rate.

By surveying the available rates, a comparison and switching service may be able to contribute to real savings in the home.

Posted by Callum Fleming