Using gas safely in your home

The perceived advantages of gas energy can sometimes lead homeowners to switch from electricity to a gas service.

Comparing gas prices may reveal savings which you can take advantage of by changing your supplier.

The eco-friendly properties and relatively cheaper operating costs of gas compared with electricity can make the change a positive one, and give long-lasting benefits.

If you are new to using gas you may like to consider some safety factors associated with its installation and use.

Firstly, your gas installation should be undertaken by a registered professional. Gas fitting is a skilled technical trade and should not be attempted by uncertified tradespeople - it can cause extreme safety hazards both with the fitting itself and the running of appliances after the installation.

Secondly, your appliances should be checked over and serviced regularly, according to their specifications.
You can maintain the energy efficiency of gas heaters by making sure that they are running at optimal levels and clear of dust.

If you are considering construction on your home, check the location of gas pipes which may run under the foundations.

Damaging a gas pipe can be extremely dangerous and may cause blockages or interruptions of service for other homes using the line - many councils offer a convenient gas pipe locating service over the phone.

Posted by Callum Fleming