Upgrades to electrical network to prevent bushfires

The Victorian minister for energy and resources Michael O'Brien has announced that upgrades to power lines will be taking place across the state to improve safety in the lead-up to the bushfire season.

The Liberal minister said new technology involving circuit breakers would reduce the amount of fires related to electrical issues and also improve the reliability of the supply.

"The Coalition government is delivering on its comprehensive 10-year plan to improve the bushfire safety of power lines across Victoria by fully implementing the recommendations of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission," he said.

Failed electrical assets can be traced back to 11 major fires on Black Saturday, the Bushfires Royal Commission found. This work is crucial to prevent another catastrophe as Australia heads into summer.

During the last bushfire season, 6,000 energy customers across the state were using single lines that had automatic circuit reclosers (ACRs) fitted during the six hottest weeks of the summer. These ACRs will be remotely controlled this year leading to a greater level of safety and reliability with support from the electricity suppliers.

The Victorian government is in the process of implementing a $750 million Powerline Bush Safety Program which looks to reduce the risk of bushfires from electrical issues but simultaneously maintain quality energy supplies.

Posted by Charlie Moore