Upcoming renewable energy event

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If you're interested in renewable energy, efficiency and how to fight high electricity prices then get your diary out for next year and prepare for a fantastic renewable energy event set for May 2014.

Presented by the Australian Solar Council and Exhibitions and Trade Fairs, the event is the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, which will be a historic day as Australia's first expo devoted to on-grid and off-grid energy storage.

It will take place on May 8-9 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and will be co-hosted with the Solar 2014 exhibition which is the leading solar industry event in the country.

For two days, the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition will provide an engaging program for its visitors, including various industry speakers, showcases of the latest energy storage technology, financial analysis and market trends.

"One of the major challenges in the renewable energy industry is how to provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. With Global investment in Energy Storage Technologies to reach $122 Billion by 2021, cost effective solutions are rapidly emerging," said a media release for the event.

Some of the specific issues that will be discussed include global market forecasts, policy developments, utility scale storage, obstacles to growth, battery store and more.

Posted by Charlie Moore