Unions NSW: Privatisation of power stations will raise prices

Unions NSW is concerned that factors such as the raising of electricity prices and reduction of industry employment opportunities are key areas where planned privatisation will fail consumers.

Recent state government announcements regarding the planned selling of assets including electricity stations has, according to some consumer and employment groups including Unions NSW, broken promises made during the last state election.

Any New South Welshmen considering switching electricity suppliers could have to take into account new pricing schemes that Unions NSW say will be a consequence of the sales.

Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon asserted: "Prices will rise, jobs will be lost and yet the public purse will be no better off."

He added that it was not too late for the government to reconsider its stance and keep the state's electricity generators in public hands.

Mr Lennon described the decision as unwise and said that the government was "abandoning a secure revenue stream" in order to hold a "fire sale".

Shopping around for a new supplier or better price for energy can be a long process with many considerations - especially when the government and other organisations can affect market conditions and opinions surrounding it.

Online services which offer advice about the industry and outline the options available to residential and commercial consumers can help to consolidate many different - and possibly confusing - sources of information.

Posted by Charlie Moore