Union group: Lose electricity dividends not workers

Those thinking about a change of energy supplier in NSW may do well to consider the upcoming government-led merger of Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid, which ministers say will save $400 million over four years.

State energy minister Chris Hartcher told The Australian that a percentage of those savings would be passed on to households through energy rebates.

However, union groups are voicing their opposition to the plan.

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has spoken out against government plans to cut back on jobs relating to the merging of electricity distributors, saying that if electricity prices are an issue for consumers then more should be down to reduce dividends and not employment positions.

The organisation has highlighted job losses as a key problem with the merger - deputy secretary Steve Butler commented that if the government wanted to save consumers money it could eliminate the dividends received from those suppliers instead of jobs.

Unions NSW secretary, Mark Lennon called the merger "utterly perverse", and added that the government was abandoning the people of NSW in a time of economic vulnerability.

Posted by Charlie Moore