U.S rules out a carbon tax

The opposition has renewed its campaign against the carbon tax, after re-elected president Barack Obama ruled out implementing a domestic carbon tax in the United States [US].

In a statement on the Liberal Party's website, it says the fact the U.S has abandoned a policy means that Australia should follow suit.

"As an environmental policy to address climate change, the carbon tax is flawed as it simply drives up gas and electricity prices," it said.

A spokesperson for climate change minister Greg Combet told The Australian that there are states in the U.S where they have emissions trading schemes regarding electricity which have been in place since the last presidential election.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief economist, Greg Evans, told the News Limited publication that Australia is alone when it comes to this.

"It is becoming clear Australia is a policy outrider on carbon taxes with no other energy intensive and fossil fuel-dependent country choosing to impose a unilateral penalty on its growth," he said.

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Posted by Charlie Moore