TV brands awarded for low energy consumption

As Christmas time approaches and you're considering spoiling yourself with a new television, think low energy!

The parliamentary secretary for climate change Mark Dreyfus has awarded LG and Samsung with gongs for the most energy efficient televisions in the country.

He explained: "In this year's competition, Samsung has won two awards for its eight-star TVs in the small and medium-size categories.

"An energy efficient, eight-star TV costs $21 a year to run compared with a three-star TV which costs $148 a year. Until recently, the most inefficient, one-star TV on the market cost $1,000 a year to operate. It is no longer available, as competition tightens up."

The winning TVs used roughly half the energy that a comparable set from a different brand used.

Mr Dreyfus said that other products like refrigerators and computers are all following in the footsteps of TVs when it comes to energy efficiency.

The market is already seeing a roll out of sets which have a ten star rating, he added

By buying energy efficient products that incur lower electricity prices, consumers pay less, a carbon output is reduced which means it is a win-win scenario for buyers and retailers.

Posted by Charlie Moore