Total energy bills may increase as water prices rise

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As energy consumers will already know, gas prices - although important in an independent sense - are just one of the many considerations a household must factor into an annual budget.

The price of gas on its own, while still a concern for consumers, is part of a larger group of utilities required for both residential and commercial buildings.

Electricity prices, grocery bills, council fees and water rates can all play their part in shaping how a household functions and the way in which financial issues are dealt with - and according to the Economic Regulator, Tasmanians are in store for an expenses overhaul.

According to the regulator's draft pricing determination - made open for public comment last week (March 23) - water price increases of up to $1,200 per year can be expected for Tasmanians over the next three years.

Premier Lara Giddings told The Mercury that the reason for the price hike was councils' long-term neglect of water and sewerage infrastructure.

"Obviously any price rise whether it is electricity or water and sewerage has an impact on the household budget," she said, adding that cost of living issues would be a top government priority for the state.

Posted by Callum Fleming