Top tips for efficient cooking with gas

With gas prices on the rise, you might be wondering if there are any techniques you can use to cut down on the amount of gas you are using around your home.

One area where a lot of gas is wasted is the kitchen, but there are a few simple steps you can take to help make the cooking process more efficient.

Use the correct pots

When boiling water, it makes sense to use a pot that is the right size for the job.

Decide the quantity of water you are going to need based on the amount of food you need to cook and work from there.

That way the water will come to the boil quicker, which means less gas is wasted on unnecessary heating time.

Properly defrost your food

If you keep your meats in the freezer, then it is essential to plan ahead and make sure the item is completely defrosted prior to cooking.

There are a few ways to do this. You can pop the item in the fridge, although this will take a fairly long time, or you can blast it in the microwave.

Making sure everything is completely defrosted before you cook will go a long way towards making it taste better as well, so this is definitely a win-win situation.

Keep to a schedule

If you are a bit of a Masterchef fan, you will know how important time management is in the kitchen.

By taking a few seconds to figure out your plan of attack, you can make sure that everything is timed to perfection.

That way you can minimise the amount of time spent with the gas burners on, and save on your utility bills in the process.

Posted by Callum Fleming