Top tips for cutting down on your gas use

Do you use gas to power your home for things like cooking and hot water? Are you looking to cut down on those costly bills?

Looking at the state of gas prices at the moment is quite a stressful task as the cost is creeping up, so your monthly energy bill may benefit from you taking on a few gas conservation measures around the home.

Here are our top tips for cutting down on your household's gas use and making your bank balance that little bit happier.

The cost of heating

Coming into winter, you're going to be using a lot more heating, which may churn through your gas usage.

To minimise the amount of gas heating you need to use, prep your home for the cooler weather. Fix any gaps or cracks that are letting draughts into your home, such as gaps beneath a front door or a shonky window seal.

Don't leave the heating on when you're not home - this is just a waste of warmth! Also remember to just heat up the rooms you will be using. Shut the doors to any rooms that don't need to be a warm winter wonderland.

Put some clothes on! Get out your woollies and snuggle up in thermals and fleece if you're feeling the chill.

Scorching cooking tips

Cooking with your gas stove might also be adding some dollars to your bills. Try to use fewer stove units - for instance, can you get away with cooking everything on one instead of heating up two or three?

It also pays dividends to get smart with your cooking ware. Metal pots such as stainless steel conduct heat a lot better than other varieties such as clay, so they're a more efficient use of heat.

If you can, keep your pots and pans closed for the majority of the cooking time, as when they're opened steam and heat will escape, taking the food longer to cook.

In addition, be sure to check what's going on with your stove's flame. If your pan is small, do not use too big a flame as then heat will just escape around the sides. You want to make sure you're capturing all the heat it's providing.

As well as this, use your oven wisely. Try to cook or bake things in one day or lot, so that you do not have to reheat the oven over and over again. 

Posted by Matthew Cole