Top safety tips for cooking with gas

Safety is essential in every part of the home and nowhere is this as important as it is in the kitchen. Gas appliances are still found in many households, which means knowing how to use them properly is crucial.

We've put together some top tips to make sure you're cooking as safely as possible in the comfort of your kitchen.

1. Smelling gas

One of the first indications one of your gas appliances might be faulty is if you notice an unusual smell. You will need to switch the appliance off immediately to see if the smell goes away.

If it doesn't, turn your attention to the gas meter or cylinder. Make sure the kitchen is properly ventilated to avoid any negative impact to your health, and avoid naked flames.

2. Follow manufacturer instructions

Every gas appliance should come with an instruction manual, so rather than filing it away never to be seen again, study it to find out how to use it safely and effectively.

If you are still unsure about how to operate the appliance safely, get in touch with the manufacturer directly or check its website for further instructions.

3. Avoid high temperatures

Fats and oils become extremely risky once they reach a certain temperature, which is why you should never leave your cooking unattended.

These substances can sometimes ignite when they get too hot, making this a potential cause of fire in the kitchen. Being vigilant can help you avoid this situation.

4. Don't use water to put out fires

If the fat or oil does ignite, it's essential that you don't attempt to put out the blaze with water. This can cause the fire to spread more rapidly.

Have a flame-proof lid to hand and use this if the situation allows. Otherwise, it's a good idea to have a fire extinguisher to hand or a blanket that can be used to put the flames out.

5. Choose clothing carefully

If you're reaching over a cooktop, it's worth thinking carefully about what you're wearing. Loose-fitting items can catch fire on a gas hob if you don't exercise some caution.

6. Use genuine replacement parts

In the event of needing to replace a component of your gas appliance, make sure you only use genuine parts from the manufacturer.

This way, you can rest assured they are right for the task at hand and won't invalidate any warranty on the product.

Posted by Richard West