Top reasons for using a MIC service

Finding the best electricity price plan is no easy task and this is exactly why you should consider using Make It Cheaper to help you compare a range of prices across a number of electricity suppliers.

MIC chief executive Tim Wolfenden passionately related the benefits of using a consumer-focused service in choosing your electricity provider.

"We instil customers with trust in our service; we create an environment with many levels of educations which empowers customers to make a buying decision against their utility bills," he explained.

Our service can compare and contrast a whole range of products from one central place, he said.

"We condense the market down and make it very easy for the customers to understand the risks and rewards of changing their utility provider and we provide them with an easy way to save money," Mr Wolfenden added.

The aim of the service is to provide consumers with a greater level of knowledge about electricity prices across the market.

It can give customers all the information they need to make good decisions about pricing plans and it can lessen the confusion about electricity prices and what each electricity supplier offers.

Utilising the wealth of knowledge on this comparison site can help consumers find a better deal to fit your needs and requirements.