Top inspirations to help you save power at the office

Want to reduce your electricity prices while you're in the office? Here are some fun ideas to help you lower the cost of drawing power to your company.

Go paperless

As well as lowering the amount you will need to pay to your electricity suppliers, going paperless can save you money in the long run by eliminating the requirement for office equipment such as printers and fax machines.

Developments such as the cloud and Google drive virtually eliminate the necessity of printing out documents to be shared between employees as you can wirelessly give this information to your colleagues.

Plus, this means you can see any revisions that have been made and it also allows, in some cases, for employees to work remotely.

While being a definite boon for employees, this flexibility can also help your business as it could reduce the amount of power needed during the day since some may choose to work from home - all savings add up.

Set up office sustainability teams

There's nothing like a bit of intra-office rivalry to heat up any savings at work. Organise everyone in a group and see what ideas they can come up with to help you save power.

You may be surprised by the creativity offered!

Plus, planning an incentive could also encourage staff to implement an action plan to reduce consumption.

Another tip to remind staff to maintain their energy saving behaviour is to place posters in common areas and regularly email power saving ideas to teams.

Set a penalty jar

If employees are caught ignoring basic energy saving measures, such as switching off computers at the end of the day, making them donate some coins to a jar could be a fun way to ensure staff are taking all appropriate measures.

The resulting money could be used to fund an item for the office, or a treat like chocolates after enough has built up.

Penalties shouldn't be too much, but a few dollars here and there won't go amiss.

Choose green office supplies

Going green can be more exciting than simply choosing recycled paper. Often you can purchase many other items that are not only green but can save you power.

Led lightbulbs are sure to please any tech-savvy people in the office and are much more energy efficient than any other globes on the market.

See if your staff have any other great ideas about which products you could use to save power - products with an energy star rating are a great start.

Posted by Tim Wolfenden.