Top 5 ways to use air conditioning more efficiently

If like many Australian households you reach for the air conditioning remote whenever temperatures soar, the chances are your electricity bills have taken a hit.

You might find it difficult to get comfortable when it's especially warm outside, but there are some ways you can use your air conditioning without it giving you a financial headache.

Here are some top tips that will help you stay cool this summer, while keeping your cash intact.

1. Choose an efficient model

If your air conditioning unit is several years old, it might be worth looking into buying an updated version. Technology has come on significantly, so the newer the model, the more efficient it should be.

Look for products with a high energy star rating, and you should find your bills improve in the long run. Don't be afraid to ask for help choosing a unit if you need it!

2. Keep doors and windows closed

Your air conditioning will be most effective when rooms are sealed off, which means keeping all your doors and windows shut while it's in operation.

All that will happen is your unit will work overtime to compensate for the warmer air that's entering the room, which will be reflected in your energy bills.

3. Avoid using air conditioning in unused rooms

The same goes for rooms of the house that you don't use very often - is it really necessary to have air conditioning operating in these spaces?

All you're doing is paying to cool down areas of the home where you won't feel the benefit, so think about disabling any systems installed in these spaces. 

4. Keep on top of maintenance

Having your unit regularly maintained is one way of ensuring it functions as effectively and efficiently as possible, so schedule a service from an HVAC engineer.

They will be able to change the filters and make sure all the components are in full working order so you can continue to use your system in the safest and most effective way possible.

5. Invest in some fans

One of the most effective ways to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning is to use it alongside a fan, as this will help distribute the colder air more evenly.

You may even find you can cope with your air conditioning on a lower setting, which will also have the positive impact on electricity bills you're hoping for.

Posted by Richard West