Top 5 energy efficient New Year's resolutions

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Now that 2015 is in full flow, there's no better time to think about how you'll make your property more energy efficient in the year ahead. Whether you're hoping to lower your gas and electricity prices or simply do your bit for the environment, there are various advantages to cutting down your energy usage.

Here are five ideas you might want to think about adopting in your property over the next 12 months.

1. Be more aware of your behaviour

Many of us waste energy in the home without even realising it, so make 2015 the year when you become more aware of your actions.

For example, if you often leave lights on in a room after you've left, then make this an area to change this year. If necessary, put signs on the doors or above the light switches to act as a handy reminder.

Another habit many people have is leaving electrical appliances on standby. Simply switching off a TV or games console can make a real difference to your bills in the long run.

2. Maintain your heating and cooling systems

Many homeowners rely on their heating and cooling systems throughout the year, but when was the last time you had yours serviced? This will help ensure that it operates safely and efficiently, meaning you won't be paying over the odds the next time you switch it on.

3. Change your light bulbs

Changing your light bulbs to more energy efficient versions can shave dollars off your electricity bill - so what are you waiting for?

Traditional bulbs are being phased out, so you should find some of the most eco-friendly models available at your local hardware store. If you're unsure, ask an assistant for help.

4. Go solar

Solar panels could lead to long term cost savings, so 2015 could be the year that you finally do some research into them. Companies offer different packages and some state governments provide rebates for generating your own electricity.

It's not a decision you can afford to take lightly, so make sure you do your homework first.

5. Switch to a new supplier

Changing your energy supplier could save you more than you realise, so if you've been with the same provider for a long time, it's time to see what's available.

Carrying out an energy comparison takes some of the hard work out of the task, so there's no excuse for not taking action over the next 12 months.

Posted by Richard West