Tips on energy efficient cooling in summer

Despite reports suggesting that Australia has experienced one of the wettest summers in years, the mild beginning to the warmer months does not mean that consumers should let their guard down when it comes to energy bills.

And while the heat may not be at melting point, it is still tempting to turn on the air-conditioning unit or fan in order to cool down.

But there are simple steps anyone can take in order to keep their impact on the environment and monthly electricity bills low.

For example, Dean Robertson from the Wilmmera Mallee Sustainability Alliances recently informed ABC online readers that it was easy to beat the heat.

His top tips include drinking plenty of water, using a damp cloth to cool down your body by dabbing it on your neck, eating cold foods such as frozen fruit or ice-blocks, closing windows and curtains during the day to keep the sun out and using a timer to monitor your use of the air-conditioner.

Savvy consumers can also get ahead by planting trees and plants in order to reduce the amount of direct light on their home.

However, if following these helpful guidelines is failing to make a dent in your energy bill then it may be wise to compare electricity suppliers.

Posted by Charlie Moore