Tips for saving energy this spring

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Saving money on your energy bills can become a lot easier when the weather starts to warm up in Springtime.  

One of the easiest ways to reduce your household costs is to take a closer look at the energy usage.

Households could reduce the amount of energy they use by up to 50 per cent by making smarter lighting choices, according to which offers the following tips.

By simply turning off lights when you leave a room can help you to make significant reductions in your electricity bills. 

1. Only turn on the lights that you actually need to have on.
2. This can be especially important during the day because it is easy to turn on lights at the beginning of the day and then forget about them.

3. Maximising daylight in your home instead of using artificial lights can help to reduce your bills considerably.

According to the Bunnings Warehouse Australia website, opting to change your standard light bulbs to energy saving ones can also save power and money.

The energy saving light bulbs also tend to last longer than the traditional ones, which makes changing them even more advantageous for your household.

Utilising sensor lighting is another quick way to reduce your costs because it means you are only using lights in areas when you need them.

This can be useful for outside lighting, which may only need to be lit up at certain times and not all night.