Tips for building an energy efficient home

When it comes to building your dream home, there are a number of decisions you can make in the drafting process to improve the energy efficiency of the final product.

By building these measures into the very foundation of your home, you'll find that you can save on electricity prices from the day you move in.

The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) has released some helpful tips in their guide to achieving a six-star energy efficiency rating.

One of the biggest decisions concerns which parts of the house face the sun at certain times.

Orientation can improve energy efficiency and SEA recommends that you increase the number of windows facing the north, whilst at the same time limiting those in other directions.

Ceiling insulation is another key area, with R4 stated as the recommended grade.

As a general rule, larger homes are harder to keep efficient and SEA recommends minimising external wall space.

It may help to position laundries and bathrooms - rooms that you spend less time in - to the east and west.

Bedrooms can be placed to the south and living rooms, kitchens and dining areas to the north.

Posted by Charlie Moore