Three easy summer electricity saving tips

Summer has nearly arrived, and that means many Australians will be looking forward to turning off those electric heaters and gas fireplaces that can be so expensive when the monthly utility bills roll in.

However people often don't realise that the warmer months can be equally draining on power, and in a time of rising electricity prices it's worth taking the time to consider a few ways in which you might be able to save on energy as we near the end of the year.

Turn off the fan

Electric fans can be a lifesaver on hot days, but are they really worth the additional expenses? Often just opening a few more windows and letting in the summer breeze can be a great way to cool down your house at zero cost.

Alternatively, you might consider using hand-operated manual fans instead of electric ones, or perhaps you could just take a trip to the beach to cool down instead?

Power off your electronics

Now that the sun has come out and the skies have cleared, hopefully you won't be spending quite as much time in front of the television or computer.

It's a good idea to power these items off at the wall when you are not using them as this stops them draining energy while in sleep or standby mode.

Air dry your clothes

This time of year provides us with a great opportunity to unplug our electric clothes dryers and hang our washing out on the line instead.

This can be unpractical in winter when rain or wind can strike at any notice, but in the calm, hot days of summer there's no excuse not to dig out the clothes pegs and let the sun do your clothes drying for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore