The potential impact of the carbon tax on electricity prices

Households across Australia may want to keep an eye on the ongoing saga relating to the potential impact of carbon tax on energy costs.

Climate change and energy efficiency minister Greg Combet has criticised opposition leader Tony Abbott for reportedly misleading the public about the effects of the carbon tax on electricity prices.

Mr Combet said yesterday (September 27) that household electricity prices have risen by 10 per cent on average across the country, according to information released by the treasury. 

In response to Mr Abbott's claims, the minister said the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal in NSW endorsed the Treasury modelling impact.

"That's an average of $3.30 a week per household and the government is providing $10.10 a week per household on average in assistance," Mr Combet added.

Mr Combet said he would continue issuing these Bulletins to hold Mr Abbott accountable for his deceptive and misleading conduct.

"Mr Abbott makes no mention of the increase in network electricity prices which has seen households in his electorate who paid $500 a year in 2007/08 now paying around $1,300 a year," he said.

This may provide a good incentive for households to monitor their energy consumption and check to see whether their electricity supplier is carbon conscious.

Posted by Charlie Moore