The future of NT's energy supply

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The Northern Territory is a part of Australia with plenty of sun and dry wind - in other words, a perfect location for renewable energy. Filled with tourist destinations such as Uluru/Ayers Rock, Darwin, Kakadu National Park and endless beautiful red desert, the territory already has some great sustainability projects up and running. 

On August 21, chief minister Adam Giles announced that he has moved to create a new Parliamentary Committee that's aim will be to investigate issues surrounding NT's energy future.

Mr Giles said that secure, reliable and affordable energy will fuel economic growth in the territory, and this growth could be put in a risky position if opportunities and challenges aren't addressed.

"This Committee will have the important role of assessing our energy capability, future needs and continuity of supply," said Mr Giles.

"We cannot invite new trading partners to invest here when we cannot properly accommodate their future energy needs."

For any state, or indeed any nation, energy supply and security is something that needs to be addressed. This is particularly important as resources on the earth start to become scarcer, and alternative solutions need to be found.

The new Parliamentary Committee, named the Sessional Committee on the Northern Territory's Energy Future, will examine issues such as NT's current energy capability, as well as probable or proven energy capability.

It will investigate prospects for additional energy resources that are or will be available, the future energy needs of the state and continuity of supply, as well as what the most cost effective way to power the state will be. The committee will look to alternative supplies of energy including oil, gas, coal and uranium but will also focus on renewable technologies such as solar, biofuels, hot rock, wind and tidal energy, as well as how other up-and-coming technologies may be of assistance to the NT.

Regulatory impacts relating to all these issues will be examined as closely as possible. 

"This Committee’s immediate priority will be to assess the opportunities and issues connected with the Territory’s onshore energy resources," said Mr Giles.

Recently, electricity prices have been rising significantly for the territory, but the government has moved to shelter consumers from any unreasonable changes. Households that are struggling can seek assistance from programs designed to protect the most vulnerable consumers.

Posted by Charlie Moore