The Australian: Solar installation booming

The solar trend is growing, according to a report in The Australian (May 11), but it's not just homeowners who are becoming more interested in maintaining sustainability and saving money through the installation of panels.

The rise of the use of solar power by businesses and commercial property owners is one of the key factors behind the growth of cleaner energy, the publication said.

With increases to electricity prices likely after the instatement of the carbon tax it is thought that consumers are making the move to solar to avoid paying significantly more for power.

Commercial-scale solar is now considered to be more cost-effective than it was, making systems that sit on warehouses, office buildings, universities and community centres more appealing.

Cost-cutting in terms of utilities can give any business an advantage, by cutting the amount of money spent on operational costs and boosting available capital for growth and development.

The federal and state governments have schemes in place to make it easier for those wanting to invest in solar systems for their commercial buildings to do so.

Posted by Charlie Moore