Telstra warns of phishing scam

Telstra is warning its customers of a sophisticated phishing scam that is being sent to customers, purporting to be a services bill from the telco.

The email is designed to obtain personal information about the account holder.

The company has warned of the fake email's characteristics, which include not addressing the account holder directly, meaning that if it says 'Dear ....' instead of 'Dear John Smith', it's a fake.

Specific account numbers never change, so if the email has a different set of digits compared with previous bills, it isn't legitimate and shouldn't be opened.

If it requests personal information it is not real, with Telstra confirming it never asks for such details through email.

To check if the email is legitimate, customers were encouraged to go to and log into their account to see if details in the email match up.

Telstra has offered some advice about how to protect users from potential cyber-crime, which includes never clicking on a link inside the email but rather retyping it in the web address bar.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie