Telstra: 'The future is definitely data'

With the fixed-line services market dwindling, Telstra has decided to focus on holistic data-rich customer experiences.

The best mobile plan from Telstra may soon become much more data-focused, as the telecoms giant looks to a future in which internet services will play a greater role in the home.

A new five-year investment plan was announced in The Australian today (March 19), which will see millions of dollars allocated to projects and services focusing on internet-connected devices. 

Leader of the investment project and head of innovation, product and marketing, Kate McKenzie, told the publication: "We think we have quite a lot of differentiation to add in terms of being able to help consumers make sense of the plethora of connected devices that people now have in their houses and how to get them to work together."

People looking into different phone plans, those wishing to switch suppliers or customers needing a new contract may like to consider the future of data-focused telecommunications - having a household, and perhaps even a business life, which is maximised for digital information control and transfer may soon be something all Australians experience daily.

Posted by Eve Gillespie