Telstra restores service to QLD flood areas

Telstra technicians have been working to restore the backup link for landline, mobile and broadband services across flood-affected areas of Queensland, such as Harlin in Kingaroy.

The inland fibre cable was swept away by a landslide as a result of the massive rains over the past few days.

Technicians were able to make the repairs with the assistance of a truck to get them through the flood waters, in addition to a police escort.

As a result of these fixes, customers will be able to make emergency calls to triple zero.

The problems that resulted from the cut to the cable have been addressed, but isolated power outages in certain areas will still affect services and must be mended over time. If emergency power becomes available, Telstra said it will use that option to restore service.

There are emergency contacts that customers in central and northern Queensland can call, including:

Cairns: (04) 4030 7000
Gladstone: (04) 4971 3222
Mackay: (04) 4968 3530
Mareeba: (04) 4030 3340
Mt Isa: (04) 4744 1111
Townsville: (04) 4750 5581

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Posted by Eve Gillespie