Telstra gets ready to rollout 4G network, says expert

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With the new 4G mobile due to be released in less than two weeks, it might be time for consumers to start considering their options when it comes to finding the best mobile plan.

And while some may already have their hands on the latest technology, it is likely that a number of people will make the swap to the new product.

Telecom giant Telstra will launch the first 4G smartphone later this month, according to industry insiders.

But the company has yet to confirm the launch date of its 4G network, instead saying "we know there's a huge appetite for 4G-powered smartphones in Australia".

A representative for the business also said: "We're working with some of the world's leading manufactures - including HTC - to bring some of these devices to customers in the first half of 2012."

According to Telstra there are many clear advantages that consumers who join the network will be able to appreciate including faster network speeds, running from 2MB to 40 MB a second.

Foad Fadaghi, a technology and mobile expert at Telsyte, told that consumers may gain additional data with the new packages without paying more.

"It's actually cheaper for them to provide services. We don't think there will be a huge premium that carriers will be able to charge to them," he asserted.