Telstra completes fibre optic conversion in Brisbane

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Telstra has announced that it has finished converting the old copper network in the South Brisbane Exchange area to the high-speed fibre-optic network.

The project has taken 18 months and covers more than 18,000 services.

Over the next few months, Telstra will begin decommissioning the copper exchange before handing it over to the Queensland government.

The carrier's engineering director, David Plitz, said that this is all moving according to plan.

He commented: "With migrations now complete, over the next five months we will be decommissioning the exchange and associated infrastructure, including the reworking of Telstra's underground conduit network, the recovery of copper cables and the recycling of all scrap materials.

"The project is moving closer to achieving the original objective of ensuring the new Queensland Children's Hospital can be provided and completed as planned."

Over 284 km of fibre optic cable was laid for this operation, as well as 26.4 km of new conduits.

Mr Plitz added that a number of trainees hired for this specific fibre optic operation will continue their careers with Telstra.

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