Teach your kids about energy efficiency

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They may to too young to pay the bills, but your children certainly have an impact on them.

Children are energy intensive members of the house - televisions, computers and other items may all be used by kids who aren't aware of the energy implications.

Now whilst they don't need to know the specifics - after all they are several years away from taking on financial responsibilities - there's no reason that they can't become as energy efficient as their parents.

Educating your kids about turning off the television when it is not being used is a great place to start.

If children have any other toys - such as a racing track - that is plugged into a wall socket, you can also get them in the habit of disconnecting it and turning the switch off.

Perhaps the biggest cause of energy consumption is leaving on interior lights when children have left the room.

Energy efficient habits are easy to learn at any age and integrate into everyday life.

For those families who are still struggling to lower their energy bill, they may wish to consult a switching service which can looking into finding cheaper rates from different electricity suppliers in their area.

Posted by Charlie Moore