Tasmanian businesses recognise energy efficiency

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Due to popular demand, additional workshops have been scheduled in Tasmania to help businesses become more efficient with their electricity use.

According to economic development minister David O'Bryne, there are a number of ways for companies - particularly small and medium-sized firms - to reduce the amount of electricity they use and potentially save costs at the same time.

Being smarter about energy use "could make a big difference to their bottom line", Byrne remarked, adding that taking "cheap and practical measures" could even help to free up funds for investment or for employing more staff.

Measures to cut electricity consumption at work include small changes such as turning computers off at the end of the business day and switching to energy-efficient light bulbs.

All participants in the free workshops, which were hosted across all regions of Tasmania between June 20 and today (August 3) received a take-home pack providing further advice on electricity conservation.

Companies can also save money by comparing the rates offered by various electricity suppliers to determine whether they are on the most suitable deal.

Some packages are even in place that offer the option of using electricity generated from renewable sources - these could be an ideal consideration for firms looking to cut their carbon footprint and potentially save money at the same time.