Sydney holds seminar to encourage energy efficiency

The City of Sydney sponsored a free workshop yesterday (June 11) with the aim of giving residents tips on how to save on their energy bills.

The advice will have been much appreciated by those who attended, since a draft report from the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal recently confirmed that residential electricity prices are expected to go up by an average of 19.2 per cent from July 1.

Small businesses are also expected to be hit, with average power bills increasing by $439 to $2,729 a year.

Sydney's manager of sustainability programs, Tom Belsham believes saving on electricity can be a simple matter of taking a few extra seconds to switch things off manually.

"Simple actions like turning off appliances at the power point, rather than using the remote control which leaves them on standby, can reduce your electricity use by up to ten per cent and save you over $200 a year," said Belsham.

Belsham went on to state that energy efficient appliances can be worth the extra investment, as cheaper options usually end up costing you more in power bills.

"A cheap electric fan heater may seem a bargain at $30, but use it for only four hours a day in winter and it could cost you over $150."

Posted by Charlie Moore