Sydney given opportunity to recycle old and unwanted electronics

The City of Sydney is calling for residents to recycle their unused and unwanted electronics free of charge at the Bay Street Depot in Ultimo this Sunday (September 9).

Everything from televisions and computers to mobile phones and other devices will be accepted, and the City is expecting to break the previous record of 560 drop-offs set at the previous e-waste collection which took place in June.

If you have any old electronics that you have been thinking about throwing out, this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Remember also that if you are upgrading your old television, refrigerator or other electronic appliances that purchasing energy efficient devices is a great way to cut back on power bills in a time of rising electricity prices.

"As households upgrade old or broken electronic equipment, it's important not to throw them away with the regular waste or just leave them on the street," City of Sydney chief executive officer Monica Barone said earlier today (September 5).

According to Ms Barone, computer screens and TVs can contain toxic chemicals which are dangerous when tossed into regular landfills.

The City of Sydney estimates 197 tonnes of potentially toxic waste has been diverted from landfills thanks to the e-waste initiative, which was launched in November 2008.

Posted by Charlie Moore