Sydney charity speaks out against rising electricity prices

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The Exodus Foundation - a Sydney based charity - has revealed a 53 per cent jump in the number of clients requesting special assistance in paying for energy bills.

Charity founder reverend Bill Crews says: "Sky rocketing electricity bills can have a devastating knock-on effect on the poor.

"Parents are forced to choose between keeping the power on and doing the weekly grocery shopping. Families and children are suffering under the burden of the electricity price shock."

Crews has urged electricity suppliers to be considerate in their decision-making process regarding increases in prices.

He asserts: "Given the profits being made by the electricity retailers I question the need for the persistent increases in electricity prices."

Crews claims that the charity has been asked to provide assistance for families with bills amounting to over $1,000 and has recorded an increase in the number of Energy Accounts Payment Assistance vouchers being handed out.

Everyday Australians have seen consecutive rises in the cost of living and many are finding energy bills to be a particularly draining burden.

Households may do well to consult a switching service to discover whether or not a cheaper rate is being offered by suppliers in their areas.

Posted by Charlie Moore