Sydney businesses make impressive energy savings

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Sydney is a massive metropolis, and undoubtedly uses a large amount of electricity year over year, with skyrocketing electricity prices having the potential to create huge bills.

Because the city is always abuzz with light, activity and events, it's especially important that the city's authorities and everyday citizens find ways to save on energy and utility costs.

One group that is making a big difference to Sydney's electricity use are some major commercial office landlords. Together, they are saving over $25 million each year on their energy bills, all due to making their buildings more energy efficient.

This is through the City of Sydney's Better Buildings Partnership (BBP). This is comprised of the owners of more than half the CBD's commercial office space.

Together, these members have reduced their building's carbon emissions by around 3 per cent each year since 2005-6. That is even despite the fact that the amount of space leased in the same period has increased by 14 per cent.

"This fantastic result shows what a difference we can make when we get on with the job of cutting energy use and delivering savings to our tenants and value to investors," said one of the co-chairs of the BBP, Paul Edwards.

Some buildings in the BBP have seen cuts in electricity usage of up to and over 70 per cent. Measures used to achieve this include plant upgrades, co-generation and tri generation schemes, and high efficiency lighting.

"In individual buildings like 10-20 Bond Street, owned by Investa and Mirvac, we have seen dramatic savings of more than 60 per cent by improving energy efficiency across the board and getting electricity from low carbon sources," said Mr Edwards.

The Bond Street building was built in the late 1970s, and so upgrades to lifts, air conditioning and the addition of a trigeneration plant were able to cut carbon emissions significantly.

Businesses have a lot to gain from making savings on electricity costs, considering the money that is saved can be used for investment or expenditures elsewhere.

Now, the BBP is also going to extend its focus to helping the rest of the sector. That includes educating tenants on how to reduce their personal energy use and adopt best practice regimens when it comes to saving electricity.

That means more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of saving on electricity costs while helping the environment.

Posted by Charlie Moore