Sustainable development honours for Brisbane Airport facility

Reducing a business' carbon footprint is an important consideration for many Australian enterprise owners - not only can it mean a cleaner future for the country in general, but it can also mean reduced energy costs for the company's bottom line.

A concern for sustainability can start with the design and construction of the premises your company takes as its base of operations - even before you choose between electricity suppliers and other utility retailers.

The nationally-recognised Property Council of Australia/Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards honour projects that support and further sustainable practises in building - and a Brisbane Airport facility has taken this year's top spot.

The Communications iSeek Data Centre was given the WSP Award for Best Sustainable Development - New Buildings.

Chief operating officer of the Property Council of Australia Ken Morrison said: "The iSeek Data Centre beat a host of high profile projects to win this award, providing future benchmarks for the development of sustainable new buildings.

"Congratulations go to iSeek Data Centre for demonstrating leading sustainability practices that reduced the project's eco footprint over the entire lifecycle."

Posted by Charlie Moore