Sustainability awards recognise Victorian schools' efforts

The finalists of sustainability awards in Victoria announced Monday (October 15) highlight
how schools in the state are trying to become more eco-friendly by implementing more sustainable practices into their schools.

State environment minister Ryan Smith publicised the list of the schools which have been recognised at this year's ResourceSmart Schools Awards.

"Every Victorian primary and secondary school that entered the awards should be commended for their efforts and commitment to be more sustainable across various categories including water, waste, energy, biodiversity and community leadership," Mr Smith added.

This may provide a timely reminder to households about the importance of living in a sustainable way.

Living sustainably starts at home and can actually help homeowners to save money and reduce their electricity prices.

The winners of the ResourceSmart School awards will be announced on November 16 and the overall winning schools will receive more than $40,000 to support their sustainable initiatives.

Victoria's government has allocated $8.3 million over a four year period to the project, which aims to promote sustainability in an additional 400 schools and keep supporting the existing 742 schools currently in the program.

Finding ways to live a more eco-friendly existence can have benefits for your entire community.