Survey suggest more energy aware children

It turns out that Generation Z is viewed to be more energy smart than their parents, according to a recent study by one of the country's biggest electricity suppliers.

Commemorating the tenth anniversary since the start of Origin Energy's Energy Savers school program, the study found that more than half of Australian parents believe their children are more energy smart than they were at the same primary school age.

This has been attributed to an increase in energy education in schools over the last two decades.

Origin Energy's general manager Lina Melero explained that the technological age has made kids more reliant on energy, as they use it to fuel their lifestyle and learning habits - a need that is much more intense than in previous generations.

She said: "With the advent of technology such as interactive whiteboards, iPads and laptops supporting in-classroom teaching, understanding where energy comes from and how it is consumed is even more important for this generation."

Students have also shown awareness for renewables, with 71 per cent of children believing that the primary power source will be solar when they are adults.

More than 80 per cent of parents who were surveyed took the stance that schools play a vital role in shaping the energy views of their children, and that being educated in such matters is important.

Posted by Charlie Moore