Summertime energy tips

Summertime is still here for another month, and given that it will stay sunny until well past 7pm, consider how to best utilise this.

There are a number of ways to reduce your energy consumption and ultimately save your back pocket from rising electricity prices.

Make It Cheaper managing director Tim Wolfenden explained that practical steps will reduce usage.

He said: "There are many very simple household practices families can put in place to save on their bills during the heatwave while preventing many largely unnecessary uses of electricity around the home, such as leaving fans or air-conditioning on for too long or when people aren't even in the room.

"Daylight saving is also a big help meaning there is more time to take advantage of natural light and heat."

Some hot days simply require air-conditioning but bill payers should be sure that this luxury isn't unnecessarily draining money. Seal all doors and windows so that cold air isn't escaping and on that note, close up fireplaces or chimneys to keep the refreshing air inside the house.

If an aspect of your house directly faces east or west, close off those blinds in the morning or afternoon to keep the rooms cooler than they otherwise would be.