Summer visitors can lead to electricity usage increases

Plenty of households around Australia will be planning to have family and friends visit during the holiday period, making it an exciting time of the year for those who enjoy hosting loved ones.

The festive season often sees family members unite - perhaps for the first time in the year - for anything from a few days to a few weeks.

It is also common for friends to visit each other and exchange barbecues or dinners.

While these are moments to be cherished, it is important to remember that they can also come with additional costs you wouldn't ordinarily be prepared for throughout the rest of the year.

Having a lot more people in your home - especially for extended periods - generally means much higher levels of electricity consumption.

Light switches, fans and various kitchen appliances are all likely to receive greater use with visitors around.

In addition, the chances go up of somebody accidentally forgetting to turn items off when no longer needed.

If you're not connected with a provider that you know gives you the best possible deal for your area, it might be wise to consult a switching service to compare electricity rates.

Posted by Charlie Moore