Summer can lead to additional electricity costs

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Over the festive period, households are likely to be relying on artificial power for different reasons than other times throughout the year.

Whether it's for Christmas lights on the outside of the home or on the tree indoors, you might end up using a fair amount of electricity on things you don't normally associate with running a home.

This might especially be the case if you plan on having one of the best-looking light displays on the street - complete with Santa Claus and reindeer - and want to show them off as often as possible.

Another factor that might be easily underestimated is the power you will go through keeping certain items running over summer that stayed in storage during winter and spring.

The obvious one is an air-conditioning unit, which - although crucial to staying cool on extremely hot days - can cost you a small fortune by the time autumn rolls around.

Then there is the possibility that you run an extra fridge or freezer for drink and ice storage - always ready to host a barbecue or just relax with family and friends in the back yard.

Given that you can't do anything to change the weather, one of the best ways to offset additional costs could be to make an electricity comparison of providers in your area to see if a better rate is available.

Posted by Charlie Moore