Study shows barbecues most expensive way to cook

With gas prices where they are, people may be interested to know that using the barbecue to cook an evening meal will add $185 to a yearly power bill.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, putting a sausage on the barbie on a daily basis will drive up a household's energy costs with the microwave oven deemed to be the most cost-efficient method of cooking a meal.

In reverse order of expensiveness, microwaves costs $30 a year to power, a wood fired oven will set you back $45, a conventional gas is $50 over a year and a fan forced electric oven costs $70.

The study by Ausgrid for the News Limited publication showed that the reason behind the barbecue's excessive costs can be attributed to the fact it doesn't trap heat particularly well.

Ausgrid's Paul Myors says that this information may help families make different choices regarding their cooking methods.

He commented: "It's hard to think about how cost effective it is because you don't get a bill, but when you do the sums, it's not an affordable way to cook.

"If you're looking at costs, the microwave does very well. It may not do the same job as a conventional oven, but you would be cooking efficiently."

Posted by Callum Fleming