Study: Australians experiencing difficulty paying bills

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Tens of thousands of Australians are having trouble paying their electricity, gas or telephone bills on time according to new research.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) General Social Survey have revealed the impact of cost of living increases on people in a range of circumstances.

123,000 couples under the age of 35 without children cited an inability to pay bills on time, with over 38,000 reporting that they had difficulty paying on between three and five occasions in the last 12 months.

Australia's ageing population is also struggling - 29,000 over the age of 65 found it tough to pay bills by their due date.

Rises in electricity and gas prices and other expenditure items have continued to prove an obstacle for many.

The pressure is causing some unfortunate changes around the home, with many respondents reporting that they were unable to heat their home or went without meals in order to get by.

Others chose to sell goods or seek financial assistance from friends or family to cover the cost.

Households feeling the burden of bills may wish to investigate their options to switch electricity or gas suppliers in order to purchase energy at a cheaper rate.

Posted by Callum Fleming